The Career Musician Consulting Program

There are a plethora of ways to make money as a musician, you just have to know what kind of musician you are. The Career Musician Consulting Program is a personalized plan of attack on your music career designed by leading music industry professionals in the fields of touring, recording, production, and more. 

With over 30 years experience in the music industry, NOMAD will guide you through the various stages of being a freelance musician/artist by identifying which path(s) are best suited for your particular skill set, along with providing access to his expanded network of music industry professionals. 

"Talent can only get you so far but, business acumen will take you the rest of the way." - NOMAD

The Career Musicians Consulting Program 

$150 monthly consultation fee includes the following: 

Bi-Monthly Conference Calls 

These conference calls are designed to get a clear understanding of what kind of career you want within the music industry and how to hone your craft toward obtaining your dream gig. 

Bi-monthly Agenda Task-list 

 After each conference you will receive a customized task-list. With dedication and perseverance, NOMAD will help you navigate through the steps of your career. 

Unlimited Emails 

If you have any questions in between the bi-monthly calls, feel free to send NOMAD an email or use #AskNomad on social media platforms and NOMAD will get right back to you! 

Monthly Newsletter 

Every month we cover a new topic revolving around current music industry policies, standards and breaking news, answering frequently asked questions and even offering discount incentives from some awesome music manufacturing companies. 

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